How to Choose the Best Siamese Cat Names – And Save Your Cat From Eternal Embarrassment!


Really don’t make my blunder. Will not tumble into this frequent cat naming lure. Just one of my beautiful cats (not my Siamese cat) is known as Stripy. Why? For the reason that he was in a litter of five kittens – and he was the stripy one. The moment a cat has a identify, you will possibly hardly ever alter it, belief me.

Where by to begin?

Choosing Siamese cat names is less difficult than you assume. What is the Siamese cat’s exclusive aspect? Indeed, the heavenly blue eyes. So ‘blue’ encouraged names are a good put to start out.

– Artists have presented amazing names to exquisite blue paints. Some you might like Indigo, Prussian and Maya.

– What is a lot more intimate than stunning outdated-fashioned wild flower names? Blue or white bouquets may be best: Cornflower, Gentian or Bluebell could possibly be purrrfect for your new Siamese.

– How about some important crystal Siamese cat names? A well known blue diamond referred to as Hope? Or Sapphire or Cinnabar?

– Blue cat names not for you? White-influenced cat names from the frozen north like Frost, Snowflake and perhaps Blizzard for the ultra lively Siamese!

– Brown cat names? They may contain, Coco (Chanel of program alternatively than the hot drink) I also know Siamese cats named Onyx and Chocolate.

– Gray names because you are freshly-owned by a blue level Siamese? Frosting and Pussy Willow have a attractive ring to them.

– Some ‘hot’ names for your crimson or flame issue Siamese to look at, Amber Honey and Rufus.

– How about a witchy title for your non secular Siamese? Select sensibly in this article, you you should not want your cat to stay up to a ‘bad’ name do you?

– There have been loads of popular Siamese cats. How about Siamese cat names with Star enchantment? Siam was owned by President Rutherford Hayes and lived at the finest address in The usa The White Household. And Marcus was a current from a single famous star to another.

Fortunate you to have such a lovely challenge – a new cat to title!